Starting from Here since Here is where I find myself

Ok so without further ado and procrastination I am going to write, write and write more for all it’s worth and because it’s what I’m driven to do.

Today I find myself in the middle of a tumultuous week – parenting and all the joys (and I do mean joys) that entails, along with school issues, co-parenting issues with my daughters father, life and work.  It’s been hard given my personal struggles with effective communication and stress levels but, dare I say it, I’m getting there.

I have a number of topics I would like to present.  I have opinions on everything, as many do.  I find myself in a position many share and I have articles written but not yet presented.  And I will do my best to present them in my own way and make them relevant to others.  My aim is to encourage, support, educate, learn and inspire as many people as I can.  I have learned a great deal and I want to share what I can.  My ego has been told to ‘back off’ over these years and is heeding the warning so I aim to spread some news and views and learn along the way.  

I hope others will enjoy reading and I know it will be a wonderful addition to my journey as an inhabitant of this Earth we call home.



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